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Thank you for choosing to fundraise your way to help some of the world’s poorest communities lift themselves out of poverty.

This is your chance to get creative, inspired and motivated to fundraise doing what you do best.

Please make sure you stay safe and follow current government guidance to prevent the spread of coronavirus. If you need any advice, get in touch by emailing or calling us on 028 9064 8133.

Fundraising ideas

The first step in planning your fundraiser is to pick an idea of what you want to do.

You might already have an idea, but if you need some inspiration we have put together a few fundraising ideas, based on where you want to fundraise.  Remember though, whatever you choose, pick something you enjoy doing.

In your community?

Organise your fundraiser in the heart of your community and invite everyone along.

  • Family Fun Day! A bouncy castle, an ice-cream van, and a homemade obstacle course are all you need to get your fete started. Sell tickets, and charge for refreshments to raise lots of money. This is a great way to bring the community together and provide a way for families to mingle and have fun.
  • Treasure hunt! Organise a treasure hunt around your town. Walk or cycle from clue to clue in search of hidden treasure. People pay to enter and you could even ask a local business to donate a prize to the winning team.
  • Super Swish! Swishing is a chance to swap the clothes you have with other people, the more people who ‘Swish’ the more choice on offer. Collect a donation from participants on the door and serve refreshments and cakes to boost your fundraising. A swish can be held at a church hall or a community centre.

At work?

Bring your colleagues together for some workplace fundraising fun.

  • Take the stairs! If you work in a tall building, ask for sponsorship to take the stairs everyday for a week. Or make the lift out of bounds for a day and charge colleagues for using the lift rather than the stairs.
  • Guess the baby! Ask your colleagues to bring in baby photos. Pin them on a board and ask for donations to guess who is who.
  • Games of childhood! Compete to be the fastest Rubik’s Cuber, the fastest on a Space Hopper or the steadiest hand for Operation. Charge an entry fee to join the gaming fun and offer a prize to the winner.

At church?

Encourage your church congregation to get involved with your fundraising activity.

  • Hair-raising challenge! Sponsor your minister to do something hair-raising. It could be to shave off his beard, dye her hair bright red or have their legs waxed.
  • Coffee morning! The classic church fundraiser. Invite your friends, family and congregation to join you in your church hall for coffee and cake.
  • Bake off! Run a traditional bake sale but add some competition. Get people to submit their chocolate brownies or Victoria sponges for judging – your minister could be the guest judge. Charge for baking submissions and for selling the cakes afterwards.

At home?

Raise lots of money from the comfort of your own home.

  • Hold a childhood party! Invite all your grown-up friends to play the old favourites: musical chairs, pass the parcel or pin the tail on the donkey. Charge for entry and sell childhood refreshments too, like jelly and ice-cream and homemade lemonade.
  • Murder mystery night! Organise a murder-mystery night at your house and charge for taking part. Dress the part to make it more fun, and find out who dunnit.
  • Garage sale! Have a clear out at home and make money selling your unwanted belongings.

Paying in methods


Go to our Do it your way paying in form

At the bank

Call 028 9064 8133 to request paying in slips.

Complete the paying in slip and take the cash and any cheques (made payable to Christian Aid) you've collected to your nearest ?? bank.

By post

Pay any cash into your/your church’s bank account (please don't send it by post).

You can then write a cheque (made payable to Christian Aid) and send it to us at Christian Aid, Beechill Business Park, 96 Beechill Road, Belfast, BT8 7QN

By bank transfer to Christian Aid

Call the Belfast Office on 028 9064 8133 to request our bank details for a BACS transfer.

When you've made the transfer, please email to confirm that the money's been paid in, and what it's for.

Through JustGiving

If you've set up a JustGiving page under our account, the money will automatically be paid to us.

If you'd like the money to go to a specific project, and be recorded against your church or name, please tell us by emailing