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Book sales help Baptist appeal for Ghana

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In August 2014, the Christian Aid office in Carmarthen published Ehangu Gorwelion – a book by former Head of Christian Aid in Wales, Wynne Vittle. The book tells the story of Christian Aid’s work in Wales along with some of the author’s personal recollections. Wynne Vittle worked for the movement for 18 years and travelled to ten countries in that time.

Some of the Christian Aid Wales team holding the book, Ehangu Gorwelion.

The book was well received and a sum of £4,000 was raised through its sale. This sum will go towards maternal health programmes in Ghana – a project supported by Christian Aid and which formed part of the Welsh Baptist Union’s Appeal for 2016.

Not only does the book enhance our knowledge of the history of Christian Aid’s work in Wales, its sales will also help many thousands of mothers and babies in rural Ghana, where currently 380 mothers die in childbirth out of every 100,000 births each year.

The publisher, Tom Defis, and the author, Wynn Vittle, would like to thank all those who sold and bought the book for their support, which will have such a significant impact on future generations in Ghana.

There are some copies of Ehangu Gorwelion available for £9.95. To order a copy please contact the Christian Aid Office in Carmarthen (01267 237257; email