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Jebbeh lives in Sierra Leone – the world’s most dangerous place to give birth.

She’s heavily pregnant. As her baby grows, her joy is overshadowed by fear.

Recently, Jebbeh’s sister, Fatmata, was pregnant in a village nearby. There are so few ambulances that it would take hours to wait.

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Dying to be a mum

When she went into labour, Jebbeh’s sister had no choice but to walk for three hours, under the baking sun, to the nearest hospital.

Jebbeh told us: ‘My sister was crying out with hunger. She died on the side of the road. She never gave birth.’

No woman should die in childbirth. But for Jebbeh, this wasn’t just any woman. This was her sister. She cried, and we cry with her.

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Please help and pray for us, so that mums will not continue to die in Sierra Leone. All mums should live.

- Jebbeh, eight months pregnant.

Tragically, 10 more women, like Jebbeh’s sister, will die today from giving birth in Sierra Leone.

As her due date looms closer, Jebbeh fears she could be next.

You have the power to help mums like Jebbeh.

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Your support today could save lives. You could help her community build a bigger, better health centre, where mums can deliver their babies safely.

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