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Christian Aid Ireland is an international aid and development agency of the Protestant Churches of Great Britain and Ireland. 

As part of the Christian Aid family, we work across 37 countries to support poor and marginalised people, whatever their beliefs, sexuality, gender or ethnicity, to lift themselves out of poverty.

Christian Aid Ireland has a special focus on 27 core countries, where we concentrate our efforts to best effect. 

As a Christian organisation of seven sponsoring churches, we believe that all people should be treated with respect, care, and have the opportunity to live a life of peace, dignity and worth.

In a world with such wealth as ours, no one should go without food, shelter, security or any of the other basics we all need. 

Christian Aid Ireland works for and with people of all faiths and none, as well as with churches and other organisations, to promote sustainable development, strive for social justice and pursue our vision of a world without poverty.

We do this by tackling both the causes and the symptoms of poverty so that everyone can achieve equality, dignity and freedom.

Together with our supporters and partners, we aim:

  • to expose poverty throughout the world
  • to help in practical ways to end it
  • to highlight, challenge and change the structures and systems that favour the rich and powerful over the poor and marginalised.

Read our vision, 'From Inspiration to Impact'

Read our 2016-2021 Programme Strategy

We strive to end injustice and poverty 

  • We stand with the most vulnerable and excluded people of the world – both in times of crisis and for the longer term.
  • We give people survival essentials when they are without shelter or refuge, and help them find the strength and resources they need to flourish and protect themselves from disasters or times of need. 
  • We support people to stand up for their rights and to build stable, secure lives they can enjoy living.

We’re part of a global movement for change

  • Together, we have great influence and impact. We want to inspire people to pray with us, to act, to give and to get involved with us to create a more just and equal world. 
  • We work to educate and mobilise people from all kinds of backgrounds to build a movement that can change the course of history and bring social justice to all.
  • We campaign towards a more equal division of power in the world, promoting the rights and voices of women and girls and anyone discriminated against because of who they are. 
  • We push our political leaders to tackle climate change and tax dodging, which hit the poorest the hardest, and for our society to welcome those who have been forced to flee their homes overseas because of war, persecution or insecurity.  

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