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Stories of hope

Ranjita's story

All mums want the best for their children, and the chance to live up to their potential –and Ranjita’s no different.

As a mum of three in India who couldn’t afford to send her eldest children to school, her life was transformed after being helped by our partner organisation ARUN to leave manual scavenging and start a tailoring business of her own.

Thanks to the ARUN SKA programme and her new livelihood, Ranjita has hope of a brighter future for her family and youngest child Soniya, who is now attending school.

Soniya and her Mother Ranjita
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Imote Ioryue, a young father in Nigeria. Credit: Dexters
Imote sits in front of his house in Nigeria smiling

Imote's story

Like so many of us, Imote would do anything for his family.

After sadly losing both of his parents at a young age, 21 year old Imote was caring for his nine siblings by working on an orange farm left to him by his father – until the pandemic hit Nigeria. Unable to sell his produce and struggling to feed his young family, Imote received financial support from Christian Aid. Now he can keep his family and business afloat (and be an inspiration to us all).

Faruk's story

Faruk loves playing with a camera and taking pictures of his favourite things –from chicken and goats, to houses and his friends.

Having been forced to flee the escalating violence in Mayanmar’s Rakhine State, Faruk now lives in a refugee camp in Bangladesh, where Christian Aid provides critical support such as water, sanitation, food and shelter. A keen footballer, Faruk now hopes for a football ground to be added to the camp, and dreams of becoming a Hafez (religious teacher).

Laila's story

From skipping rope to Ludo, Laila loves nothing more than playing with her friends.

Like Faruk and thousands of others, Laila lives in a Bangladeshi refugee camp after fleeing Myanmar in 2017. In spending time and building relationships with the staff at DSK (Christian Aid’s partner in Bangladesh), Laila has been encouraged to pursue higher education and hopes to give back to her community in the future.