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Christian Aid supports health programmes that focus nutrition, malaria, maternal and child health, sexual reproductive health, HIV prevention, access to treatment and voluntary testing. We support health work in ten countries that prioritise the right to essential services: Burundi, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Zambia and the Central America region. There is also a health component in many of our emergency responses, notably in the Ebola response in Sierra Leone.

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At Christian Aid, we believe everyone has the right to access services essential for healthy lives. That’s why we want to ensure more skilled nurses like Judith can help women like Tenneh.

Tenneh is one of the many mums who delivered their baby safely, thanks to Nurse Judith.

She had lost a baby before after a traumatic birth, but Judith helped her to face her fears.

‘With the coming of Judith, so many lives have changed,’ Tenneh said. ‘We know that with Judith, as long as we see the light at the end of the tunnel, we’ll be OK.’

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Tenneh Boweh brings her 3-month-old baby for a check up with Nurse Judith Lassie. Credit: Christian Aid / Tom Pilston
Nurse Judith stands holding a small baby, who is staring at the camera. The baby's mother sits, out of focus, in the background.
Donate now to help more skilled nurses like Judith reach the most vulnerable mums in the world.

Our approach

We work to ensure that our health programmes:

  • Address gender and social inequalities that violate the rights of individuals, reinforce exclusion of marginalised people and prevent them from accessing services e.g. stigma and discrimination, gender-based violence and female genital mutilation
  • Use the most appropriate and technically sound health programmes and systems
  • Advocate that institutions and health systems are accountable and responsive to citizens, that appropriate laws and policies are implemented and that there are resources to support provision of health service

Our Impact

  • We have reached over five million people across Kenya, Nigeria, Malawi, Ethiopia and Burundi with health education and access to essential HIV, malaria, mother child health and family planning services
  • Our work has seen the passing of anti-discrimination legislation for people living with HIV in 2015 in Nigeria and the increased engagement of citizens in demanding accountability, resource allocation and quality health services through work in Malawi, Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria 
  • We have increased our work on tackling inequality, challenging gender-based violence, female genital mutilation and empowering women to increase their voice and participation in leadership and decision making, particularly in Kenya, Nigeria and Sierra Leone
  • Our programmes are also encouraging the involvement of men in mother child health and family in Malawi and Kenya