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As the coronavirus pandemic has spread across the world, severe economic damage has followed, putting people living in poverty at even greater risk. People who are already facing the challenges of lack of clean water, food and healthcare. We cannot allow the most vulnerable populations to be left behind by this pandemic.

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Imote Ioryue, a young father in Nigeria. Credit: Dexters
Imote Ioryue, a young father in Nigeria.

Imote Ioryue, 21, lost both of his parents at a young age and was left to care for his nine siblings, alone

Due to the devastating coronavirus pandemic, he has been unable to sell the produce from his farm, leaving him unable to buy food or basic household supplies.

Thanks to the faithful and generous giving of our supporters, Imote received cash support from Christian Aid so he can continue to support his young family.

Let's help more families like Imote's this Christmas.

The long-term impact of the coronavirus crisis will be devastating.

Donate now to stand alongside the world's most vulnerable people.