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Celebrating our history

In the aftermath of the April 2015 earthquake, Christian Aid established an office in Nepal and implemented a response in 8 districts, working with local partners and giving a credible voice to the vulnerable communities.

Highlights of our work in Nepal

In response to the earthquake we focused on accountability, using the ‘Truth Truck’ to travel to communities, in often hard to reach areas so that we could listen to their feedback. This was then showcased at the World Humanitarian Summit.

Sani Tamang with the food parcel she received.

Image credits and information i
Sani Tamang with the materials she got from Christian Aid through partner Community Development Forum (CDF) and local government body Tamakoshi RM Credit: Apsara Karki/CDF
Sani Tamang with the materials she got from Christian Aid through partners

Key achievements

To date, our programmes have provided water and sanitation support to more than 500,000 people, shelter to 258,000 people and livelihood support to nearly 150,000 people.

Most recently in response to the global pandemic we have provided support to 150,000 people through emergency food items, developing hand washing stations and supporting essential radio programmes with key health messages.

Alongside local government and together with local partners, we provided emergency food assistance to families like Sani’s.

Sani Tamang, 45, lost her eyesight due to an illness when she was just eight years old. Not only did she lose her sight, but she also lost her independence. Her family are reliant on her father-in-law, but during lock down he was unable to work.

Recognising the need of families like Sani’s we concentrated our efforts to support those who are reliant on daily labour and the challenges that they faced as they were unable to work.

Looking to the future

Christian Aid is exiting from Nepal as part of a change programme to deliver greater impact globally.

We are focusing our work so that every programme reaches those most in need, addresses the root causes of poverty, speaks truth to power and raises the voices of people living in poverty. 

Inspired by our new global strategy, Standing Together, we are deepening our interventions in fewer countries and living as good stewards within our means.

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