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Christian Aid in Niger

We have been working in the Sahel region of West Africa since the 1970s. The programme began with a humanitarian focus, but now includes advocacy work, especially in economic justice and governance, and supporting the development of strong civil society organisations.

In the heart of the Sahara, Niger is consistently ranked as the one of the least developed countries in the world on the UN’s Human Development Index. The region is affected by natural disasters, such as drought and locust plagues, so our programme still includes a significant amount of humanitarian work.

Food security is slowly improving in some areas, although food prices have been increasing, due in part to political insecurity in neighbouring countries, particularly Mali and Nigeria. There are still high rates of malnutrition and many people are in need of food aid, with more than 40% of children under five suffering chronic malnutrition.

We are currently updating this page and further information will be coming soon.

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