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Purpose of Just Scripture

Just Scripture enables groups of Christians from across the world to meet online to study the Bible together. Its purpose is to: 

  • build relationships between churches 
  • equip and encourage us to be people who challenge injustice 
  • strengthen our collective prophetic voice 

A typical session involves

  • Two groups (one from the UK, one from the Global South) join online via zoom.  
  • An opening act of worship and introductions to the context of each group. 
  • A chosen passage is read aloud in each language represented 
  • Each group discusses the passage, then joins in plenary to share insights. A commitment to action is identified   
  • A closing blessing is given 

Ongoing partnership

We strongly encourage churches who participate in Just Scripture to do so as part of an ongoing relationship between the two church groups. While it is possible to run a single Just Scripture session; the ideal is a longer series. We normally encourage groups to commit to an initial series of three Just Scripture sessions.  

Session facilitation

It is perfectly possible to lead / facilitate a Just Scripture session yourself. We have written outline sessions and these can be followed by anyone who has experience of leading a small group. They can be can be accessed by completing the form opposite, ticking 'Viewing Just Scripture resources' and then click SUBMIT.

Having said that, cross cultural bible study is different. Therefore, we have also provided some guidance on leading a cross-cultural bible study and will be running some equipping days. Dates for these will be appear below in due course. 

If you are keen to take part in Just Scripture but would like someone from Christian Aid to facilitate / lead, perhaps the first session in a series, then this might also be possible. Please contact us to request this support

Finding a partner church

If you or your church are keen to take part in Just Scripture but do not already have a connection with a church group in another part of the world then please get in touch with us, and we can see if we can introduce you to another church that is also keen to take part in Just Scripture. 

Having said that, it is often much better if you develop the relationship using links you already have in your church. Such connections may not have been formalised previously, and you may not have run intercultural bible studies before, but they might still exist. For instance, you may have links to churches / church groups in other parts of the world through: 

  • Churches / locations that members of your congregation have visited 
  • Friendships that have developed because people from other churches have visited you 
  • Relatives or extended family of people in your church 
  • Formal links through your diocese / district / region etc.