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Something to think about

I've recently tried to memorise this Psalm, this prayer of David's. There's something powerful about committing to our minds the words of scripture - so that, at any time, we can recall them and speak them to ourselves.

David knew suffering and challenge. He knew hatred and fear. Yet he also knew a good, loving Heavenly Father, with whom he felt cared for and provided for. He, at times, had to literally run for his life - yet he's able to declare here that 'the boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places' and 'with him at my right hand I will not be shaken'.

In the face of life's personal challenges, how can we develop such peace and trust? And, in the face of larger scale difficulties in the world - poverty, war, the climate crisis, how can we declare with David that apart from God we have no good thing?

Something to do

Write out your own 'Psalm' or prayer to God, explaining your struggles or confusion and asking him to give you this same sense of peace, asking him to show you how he is on control and caring for you.

Something to pray


Use this Psalm as a basis for your own prayer of trust in our Creator God.