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Something to think about

Yesterday, you were invited to reflect on David’s heart-cry to God and consider how you respond when personal and global challenges threaten to steal your peace and corrupt your trust in the Lord.

Today’s Psalm invites you to have courageous trust in God by making clear where your confidence should lie and where you can find comfort in times of trouble.

Throughout David’s reign, he feared for his life. His life was riddled with heartache and tragedy, but one thing remained and that was his heart for Yahweh.

In this Psalm, David expresses his courageous trust in the Lord and writes from his heart about how confident he is in the Lord, because of God’s unchanging character and unending love for his people.

The first three verses stress the confidence that David had in the Lord. He begins in verse one with these words, “The Lord is my light and my salvation–whom shall I fear?” In verse two, David is almost bragging about his enemies being defeated. David then ends verse three with the words “though war break out against me, even then will I be confident.”

David’s words are powerful. We may not be fighting battles like David, but we are fighting battles. We fight to keep ourselves set apart from this world. In those battles, we experience our enemies rise against us with hurtful words or deeds. But we can brag that even though the enemies come, our Lord will defeat them. We can be confident that our God will never leave us.

Something to do

David did not dwell in his problems; he continued to praise the Lord and show confidence in God. You can do this today. ‘Wait for the Lord’ – set aside time today to wait for the Lord. Maybe go for a walk or sit outdoors and consciously choose to release your fears to God.

Something to pray

In the hard times, we can focus on the joy that only comes from faith in our Lord. We can trust that He will keep us safe from our enemies. His children can talk with the Father and experience peace in chaos. Even in the tough times, we can praise Him because we have the confidence that we will come out on the other side of the valley victorious. Pray for that joy to fill you today, no matter what you are facing.