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Something to read

All the kings of the earth shall praise you, O Lord, for they have heard the words of your mouth.

- Psalm 138:4.

Something to think about

There’s no doubt that the role of those in authority - ‘the kings of the earth’, as the psalmist says - is crucial as we seek justice for the poorest of the world’s poor. The psalmist foretells the day when the world’s rulers shall sing of God’s ways (verse four), affirming and endorsing them. What an amazing thought! It’s even more amazing when we reflect that the psalmist says that God perceives the haughty ‘from far away’, but that ‘he regards the lowly’ (verse six).

Given the arrogance of some of the world’s rulers, that doesn’t sound much like a relationship that would encourage them to sing of God’s ways. However, it’s a reminder of the need for us all, whatever our role in society, to practice an appropriate humility before God so that God’s will be done.

When Christian Aid was established following the Second World War, a dreadful worldwide humanitarian crisis existed, not least because of the haughtiness of some of ‘the kings of the earth’. The need to work for justice continues to be great, and for us all not only to ‘sing of the ways of the Lord’, but to do them as well.

Something to do

As we listen to or read the news, let’s be especially aware of the actions of our contemporary ‘kings of the earth’. We might ask ourselves how they ‘sing of the ways of the Lord’, or not, in their activities or policies, while being aware of how we do or do not do the same ourselves in daily life. We could consider writing a letter or sending an email to a world leader in response to this.

Something to pray

God of the lowly, teach us all proper humility before you, and raise us up to serve you in the cause of justice for all people. Your will be done.



Today’s contributor is the Rev Dr Jennie Hurd, Chair of the Cymru Synod of the Methodist Church in Wales at the time of writing.