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CAW: Plant

Christian Aid Week 2023

Day three

Something to read

Then God said, ‘Let the earth put forth vegetation: plants yielding seed, and fruit trees of every kind on earth’… And God saw that it was good.

- Genesis 1:11-12.

A special series of Daily Bible Readings

It's Christian Aid Week 2023. During this week, we will use the Daily Bible Reading space to invite you to reflect on our work in Malawi and to discern connections between that work and a short passage of scripture. Our readings will be shorter than usual. We hope that this will give you time to explore our Christian Aid Week resources to help shape your daily prayers.

Today's passage opens up the wonder of God as creator of all. The plants yield seed; the trees bear fruit. The earth is full of life. And our God pronounces it good. Where do you see that goodness of God's creation around you? How can you offer praise and thanks to God as creator today?

Find out more about The Big Pea Challenge this Christian Aid Week by following the link below. You can see what some of our fundraisers have been doing and how they have been inspired by the humble pea.

Pray for all raising funds creatively through this challenge. Take time to enjoy the plant world - the feeling of grass beneath your feet, the sound of wind in the trees, or the taste of a piece of ripe fruit. Thank God our creator for all that we have.

The Big Pea Challenge


Today's contributor is Dr Frances Clemson, Christian Aid's Faith Communications and Just Scripture Specialist.