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Have confidence in God.

Something to read

I sought the Lord, and he answered me, and delivered me from all my fears.

- Psalm 34:4.

Something to think about

I think this verse is another great challenge, primarily because it reminds me of the amount of times I fail to seek the Lord as I should! And I wonder how many of us can relate to that? 

We will talk about God’s promises to us, love for us and the new life that God brings to us and yet, sometimes, we try to rely on our own will or strength to do something. With that often comes a lack of confidence leading to hesitation and anxiety and, all the time, God must be waiting, frustrated, at our failure to turn to him.  

This verse is a reminder that in all things we can trust God and that in all situations we can turn to the Lord and pray for strength and power, comfort and protection, wisdom and love. I think that the church today is often lacking in confidence and we are nervous about speaking out for justice and peace for fear of whom we might offend. 

Well, we can be confident because God has done all that is needed for us to be so –  confident in sharing the good news of Jesus, confident in standing up for what is right, for seeking to protect those who are less able to protect themselves and confident to tell people they are special and they are loved, just as each one us in God’s eyes, is special and loved.

Something to do

Think of something in your life, and then in your church, where a lack of confidence in God’s strength, power and love is holding something back. Pray for God’s power to overcome that lack of confidence and move forward with trust.

Something to pray

Lord Jesus you promise to be with me always. Help me to remember that promise and that nothing is too big or too small to bring before you. Amen.

Today’s contributor is Canon Ian Rees, Rector of Central Swansea, at the time of writing.