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As God delights in the natural world, so should we. 

Something to read

O Lord, how manifold are your works!

- Psalm 104:24 from full reading Psalm 104:24-35.

Something to think about

There are 300,000 species of beetles in the world. There are 10,000 species of mushrooms in North America alone. Look out the window. What do you see? Trees? Flowers? Birds? People of all races?

The creation shows us the wealth of God’s creativity and love of beauty. It also shows us God’s sense of humour (I mean, just look at the fabulous Yeti Crab!).

God’s creation is indeed something to treasure and marvel at and the creation is something to look after and cultivate. As God renews the earth (verse 30), so should we. As God delights in the natural world, so should we.

Something to do

Sign up to the Big Pea challenge.

Something to pray

God of life, creativity and beauty, help us to treasure and cultivate your creation according to your will.

Strengthen those who are vulnerable because of our misuse of your creation and inspire us to seek a better and more sustainable way of living so that the whole of your creation may be renewed.


The reflections this week are by Cynan Llwyd, Christian Aid Head of Wales (maternity cover) at the time of writing.