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Prayer for Ethiopia

Lord, a land of coffee and grain
of cattle and crops
of pasture and plain
of laughter and love
is thirsty.

O God, comfort your people.
Protect families struggling to get by
protect children losing out on education
protect those seeking water in their travels.

O God, comfort your people.
We pray for Christian Aid and their partners,
with institutions and organisations supporting people in Ethiopia.
Grant them wisdom as they assess need
and bless them as they respond.

O God, comfort your people.

Let your hand rest upon your people of Ethiopia,
widows and orphans, aged and children,
strangers and wanderers.
And join us also with them,
protect and strengthen us, from all evil works keep us apart,
and in all good works unite us.
You are life for our souls.
You are the life of the world.

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