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Find out more about our work to end poverty and how you can help, either individually or with your church.

Spring Appeal 2024

Another year of failing crops is another year of anxiety and desperation for Honduran farmers.

Middle East Crisis Appeal

To save lives and share hope, please donate what you can today.

Our work in action

Forced to flee the climate crisis

Read how the climate crisis is forcing families to abandon their homes in Bangladesh and how our local partner is supporting these climate refugees.

Fleeing fighting in eastern Congo

Read how our local partner is supporting families in eastern DRC who were forced to flee their homes to escape fighting and are now living in makeshift camps.

People before palm oil

Read how a palm oil plantation impacted a community in Sierra Leone and how our local partners are helping people get back on their feet
Emergency preparedness

Help support families when disaster strikes

With your help, we’re there before, during and after a disaster, to save lives and support people long term.

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A healthcare worker checks the weight of a baby in Ethiopia to find out if she is healthy Credit: Christian Aid/Faith Alobo
The healthcare worker is checking the weight of baby
Help us change the world

It won't be easy, but we will keep going until everyone is free from poverty and inequality. You can help with a donation.