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Christian Aid Lenten Journey 2022

The world we want to see

Margaret Nsona and her friends dancing in Chikwawa, Malawi

camera icon Margaret is a businesswoman who farms and sells her crops at the local market. She has benefitted...Adam Finch / Christian Aid

A world free from poverty? A world absent of fossil fuels? A world of true gender equality? A world of that promotes peace not violence? What world do you want to see?

Join us each week of Lent to reflect on the world we want to see.

Led by church leaders from various denominations across Ireland we will explore the worlds we want to see over the six weeks of Lent. Beginning on Thursday 3rd March 2022 we will host a 30-minute zoom meeting at 11am. Through story, scripture, prayer and music we will reflect and discuss together what could and should be.

  • Thursday 3rd March -  Reverend David Nixon will be reflecting. Theme to be confirmed.
  • Thursday 10th March – Reverend Andrew Kingston will reflect on the theme of reconciliation
  • Wednesday 16th March – Reverend Nicola Halford will reflect on the theme of Gender
  • (This is on a Wednesday rather than Thursday as 17th March is St. Patrick’s Day)
  • Thursday 24th March – Reverend Andrew Orr will reflect on the theme of Climate
  • Thursday 31st March – Reverend Helen Freeburn will reflect on the theme of Making things new
  • Thursday 7th April – Reverend William Hayes will reflect on the theme of Poverty.


Please contact either AndrewDee or Michael to sign up and join our weekly zoom meetings.

Keep an eye on our social media each week to catch a short video introducing the topic we will talk about in more detail on the Thursday. The first one will go out on Tuesday 1st March.