The hands of Salamata, a mother from Burkina Faso, on top of her 7-year-old daughter's head, with two of her younger siblings.

Christmas Appeal

Children across South Sudan and Burkina Faso do not have enough to eat. Will you ensure there is enough for everyone?

Every day, children in South Sudan and Burkina Faso are dying from hunger. They are bearing the brunt of ongoing conflict and climate change.

At Christmas, a time of plenty, when we come together with family and friends to celebrate, relax and often overindulge, it feels particularly unjust that so many families will go without food, security and hope.

More than three years of devastating conflict in South Sudan has displaced nearly four million people, disrupted harvests, food prices have soared and the economy has collapsed. Half of the population urgently need food.

In Burkina Faso, a series of droughts and floods have devastated rural farming communities. And at the heart of the destruction are families like yours or mine, who no longer have enough food to survive.

Enough for everyone this Christmas

Please give generously this Christmas and help us ensure families have enough to eat. 

Twice the impact!

Northern Ireland only

For every pound you give, the UK Government will give a pound more.* That's double the support for people living in poverty.

*Donations made to the Christmas Appeal between 6 November 2017 and 5 February 2018 will be matched up to £2.7 million. We will use your donations for projects such as those featured below. The UK Government's match will fund our work in South Sudan.

How your donation will help

Your support could change a family’s life forever. With your donations, in Burkina Faso we are providing tools so families can grow and sell vegetables, as well as nutritional ingredients and training to provide healthy meals for malnourished children.

Salamata holds a jerry can and her children stand in front of her, eating from bowls

Salamata, pictured above with her triplets, received urgent nutritional support which saved her children. Read Salamata's story

Mary Aluat holds her daughter, Manut

In response to the food crisis in South Sudan, we will continue to provide life-saving food vouchers to families like Mary's who don’t have enough to eat. Read Mary's story

The severe food crisis in South Sudan is very different to the dire situation in Burkina Faso, but our beliefs, approach and commitment remain the same. With your help, we will do everything we can to ensure every family has enough to eat – at Christmas, and long into the future.