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Christmas Appeal

Stand with mums this Christmas and help the next generation grow.

Rebecca grew outside South Sudan in Gorin, Sudan where there was access to clean water. When she moved back to her village after the war, she had to cope with challenges of drinking water from the river sources. She had to accept the reality of her village.

Impossible choices

Mums on the frontline of the climate crisis face impossible choices every day, but our decision to stand with them is an easy one.

Your gifts this Christmas could help build more boreholes, provide seeds and farming tools, and give mums the chance to set up small businesses. With clean water, nutritious food and ways to earn money, mums like Adut won’t have to make such impossible choices.  

We all do what we can for the children in our lives, especially at Christmas. You can stand with mums this Christmas and help the next generation grow. 


'Things are changing for the better' - meet Adut Mariu

Climate chaos in South Sudan forced Adut to give her three children dirty water. She knew it wasn’t safe, but she had no choice. 

Not anymore.

In this short film you'll discover how Adut no longer has to face difficult choices.

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things

- 1 Corinthian 13:7.

No more impossible choices. Give a gift today.

Impossible choices

The climate crisis in South Sudan is polluting fragile water sources, killing crops and destroying homes.

Combined with years of conflict and the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s forcing mums to make impossible choices for their children.  

Dirty water, or none at all? A morsel of food each, or a bigger portion for one? School fees or materials to rebuild the family home?

Through your gift, you could help families in South Sudan and around the world stand strong with more boreholes, farming support and the chance to set up a small business.

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Christmas resources

Get everything you need for giving, acting and praying this Christmas
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Collective worship

Use our special carol in your Christmas worship, and stand with mums facing impossible choices this season
Adut and her youngest child

Christmas Appeal - stories

No mum should have to face this impossible choice: Adut's story

More ways to donate

However you choose to donate, every penny you give will help us realise our vision – an end to poverty