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Make your fundraising limitless

In an increasingly digital and cashless world, fundraising is changing but we have a solution to support your fundraising. Through our partner GiveStar, we introduce Tap-on-Phone.

With a simple app you can turn your smartphone into a contactless fundraising machine. No hardware required! 

Sign up now for access to the GiveStar dashboard and empower your fundraising. 

Take donations in three easy steps:

  1. Register for the platform. Christian Aid will set up your profile on the GiveStar Dashboard, linking any giving to your church or Christian Aid Group. 

  1. Download the charity Go app. You will receive an onboarding email from Christian Aid with a link to download the app. 

  1. Start taking donations at your next event! 


Does it cost anything? 

The Charity Go app is free to use. Card processing fees are charged at 1.90% + 20p transaction processing fee collected on donations made by a UK credit and debit card 

What are the requirements for tap on phone? 

You must have access to a mobile phone on which you can download an app to take cashless donations. The device needs to have NFC technology, be Google certified and Android 10 or above from factory.  

Apple phones can now download the app too. Your device needs to be an iPhones XS or later and running iOS 16+. 

Can the app take Apple and Google Pay?


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Make your fundraising limitless

Your fundraising is changing and innovating rapidly. In an increasingly digital and cashless world, you need new solutions to make your Christian Aid fundraising shine.

Through our partnership with GiveStar (previously TapSimple), we're delighted to be able to offer a suite of flexible tools to help make your fundraising limitless.

Whether you choose contactless donations, events or online giving pages, GiveStar will empower you and your fundraising.

You’ll have access to an online dashboard that puts you in control:

  • easily access information on your fundraising total
  • add volunteers 
  • customise your fundraising
  • use great inbuilt features - such as QR codes -  to help share and grow your fundraising

We can also link your donations to your church or Christian Aid group, so you're recognised for your fundraising.  

Sign up today and apply for your free cashless device

Fundraise for Christian Aid with your church with GiveStar.

Introducing contactless donations

How to use the GiveStar clip-on device, cost, and how to qualify to use one

With the GiveStar clip-on device, you can collect contactless or chip and pin donations with your smartphone wherever you choose.

How to use it: you'll need a smartphone to use the device, as it works via a donation app.

Cost: devices are available free for our supporting churches.

Where cashless giving works best

The device works well in a variety of settings, but performs exceptionally well for events where the device can be actively used and seen by donors, such as:

  • church services
  • events like Big Brekkies
  • coffee mornings and cake sales

You can also set up the device to be used for your own church stewardship.   

Online giving with GiveStar

GiveStar's online giving platform allows you to create, customise and brand your own unique fundraising page. 

The page is easily shared with friends, families and colleagues via email and social media, and you can customise your page easily with your fundraising story and images.

Where online giving works best

  • collecting sponsorship for personal challenges such as our 300,000 steps fundraiser
  • activities like head shaves or plant sales
  • swishing events


Virtual and ticketed events

The GiveStar events platform makes organising your ticketed event a breeze.

You can choose between live, in person or virtual events and easily share and invite people to participate. 

What you can do with the events platform

  • set ticket prices and volumes
  • create suggested donation buttons to maximise giving
  • easily customise it to best reflect your event
  • go live and collect donations in one place with the integrated video conferencing

The events platform is perfect for:

  • hosting virtual coffee mornings and quiz nights 
  • broadcasting a carol concert or church service to thousands


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