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Speak out

We need to speak out and fight injustice. 

Something to read

For there is one God; there is also one mediator between God and humankind; Christ Jesus.

- 1 Timothy 2:5–7.

Something to think about

So often we fixate on the point of Jesus’ life being his death. But his death is nothing without his life. God is so big, so ineffable, it can be quite mind-blowing, yet Jesus revealed God to us. He acted as a mediator; he was a window into God. In a world of violence and injustice, Jesus lived so that we might see the heart of God.

The way that he lived in such a bankrupt world led to his death. The powers that be could not cope with him, but in killing such a person they exposed themselves for the corrupt powers that they were.

Every day we are challenged to live the way of Christ, as in the man who was crucified, the man who exposed the powers and lived for justice. Too often the cross has been used to keep people quiet and submit to violence rather than to expose violence. I have heard horrifying stories of women being told to live with violent partners and suffer like Jesus did. This is a gross distortion of the cross.

We need to speak out and fight injustice, not go along with silent submission.

Something to do

Learn about our latest campaigns and speak out for justice around the world. 


Something to pray

God of love and peace,
help me to live as a window to your heart.
Help me not collude with
violence and domination through silence
but to stand up against injustice each day.


Today's daily reading was provided by Charlotte Haines Lyon.