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  • Questions about ‘no-cold-calling’ areas

    Questions about ‘no-cold-calling’ areas


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  • What are delivery only collections?

    Delivery-only collections are a simple, contact-free way to collect donations from your community without the need to knock and collect! 

    Our specially designed delivery-only envelopes provide space to stamp, print, label or write on your envelopes to tell supporters where to drop their donation. 

    Read on for more information and resources to organise your own envelope drop-off.

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  • Collecting during the general election campaign

    The snap general election, in early June, means that Christian Aid Week this year will fall bang in the middle of the election campaign. This has happened before, and we know that it offers us a great chance to raise the profile of Christian Aid Week.

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  • Digital help centre

    Welcome to the digital help centre! We’ve collected our top tips to help you make the most of your digital activities during Christian Aid Week and beyond.  

    We’ve got lots of advice on the best tools to collect donations digitally, whether that’s via JustGiving, GiveStar or the e-envelope. And we’ve got top tips on social media and creating digital content to help you promote your activities as effectively as possible.  

    Watch this session on online giving from the Changemakers Supporter Conference to find out more about digital fundraising and how you can get involved this Christian Aid Week. 

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  • For treasurers in England and Wales

    For treasurers in England and Wales

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  • Frequently asked questions on the doorstep

    Frequently asked questions on the doorstep


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  • Health and safety guidelines

    Health and safety guidelines


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  • Our contact details

    We really value hearing from our supporters whether it’s questions about your fundraising, paying in donations, accessing our resources or feedback. Here’s the contact details for our different regional and national teams.  

    England: email or call us on 01925 573 769 

    Wales: email or call us on 029 2084 4646 

    Scotland: email or call us on 0131 220 1254 

    Northern Ireland: email or call us on 028 9064 8133 

    Republic of Ireland: email

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  • Top tips for organising a house-to-house collection

    Top tips for organising a house-to-house collection


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