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New Loss & Damage Fund welcomed but still huge work to be done

Christian Aid Ireland welcomes new Loss & Damage Fund but warns still huge work to be done

Supporting a survivor build a new life in Eastern Congo

To kick start this year’s 16 days of activism against gender-based violence, read how sustained support helped a survivor of sexual violence build a new life for herself in DRC.

Diary from a warzone

In this blog, read a firsthand account of what daily life is like in a displacement camp inside Gaza

Voices from Gaza

In this blog, hear directly from Christian Aid’s medical partner in Gaza about the challenges medical workers are facing right now.


Christian Aid Ireland statement on the escalation of violence in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory.

Turkey-Syria earthquake - six months on

Stories of support demonstrate compassion and solidarity during times of crisis

Kenya: From Drought to Floods

Read how despite the recent rains, people in northern Kenya are still coping with the after effects of the worst drought in decades.

Escaping the conflict in Sudan – voices from the border

Fighting has forced thousands to flee Sudan across the border into South Sudan. Christian Aid met some of the new arrivals – read about the challenges they are facing in this blog.

Unfolding crisis on the border with Sudan

Since fighting erupted in Sudan on 15th April this year, around 2.5 million people have been displaced by the conflict.

Giving peas a chance in Malawi

In this blog read how one widowed grandmother is making her children’s dreams come true.

Building peace between farmers and herders in Sierra Leone

In this blog read how Christian Aid’s local partner in Sierra Leone has worked to reduce conflict between cattle herders and crop farmers.

Cycle Freddy update

Cyclone Freddy, the longest-lasting tropical cyclone on record (lasting 34 days), has hit Malawi and Mozambique. This cyclone is the equivalent of a full North Atlantic hurricane season.

Get a Peas of the Action this Christian Aid Week

This year we are celebrating the incredible impact that the small-but-mighty pigeon pea is having on farming communities in Malawi

Supporting women to take leadership roles in Sierra Leone

On international women’s day, read how with funding from Irish Aid our local partner in Sierra Leone is supporting women to take leadership roles and become more active in politics.

The ‘accidental humanitarians’ doing all they can for Ukraine

Christian Aid’s Karen McDonnell reflects on her time spent in Ukraine over the last year, including the impact of Christian Aid’s cash response and the inspiring ‘accidental humanitarians’ she met.

Keeping families in Kharkiv warm this winter

Working with our local partner and using Irish Emergency Alliance funds, Christian Aid has provided cash grants for community led projects across Ukraine. Read about the impact they’ve had here

Keeping valuable livestock alive and healthy in north-east Nigeria

In this blog, we take a look at the para vet service established in north-east Nigeria by Christian Aid with World Food Programme funds and how it’s helping farmers to keep valuable livestock healthy.

How our partner is supporting survivors of sexual violence in Colombia

In this blog, read about the ongoing work of our local Colombian partner Sisma Mujer to support survivors of sexual violence committed both during and after the country’s decades long conflict.