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Nairobi’s female urban farmers adapt to the climate crisis

In this new blog, read how our local partner has been training ‘urban’ farmers in new techniques to help ensure they have enough food to feed their families and sell for an income.

‘I can now feed my children’

Read how Christian Aid has supported women in rural Burundi, including survivors of gender-based violence like Aline.

Latest dispatch from Gaza

Blog: After more than 200 days of war, Gaza is in ruins and the death toll is unimaginable.

Forced to flee the climate crisis

Read how the climate crisis is forcing families to abandon their homes in Bangladesh and how our local partner is supporting these climate refugees.

Fleeing fighting in eastern Congo

Read how our local partner is supporting families in eastern DRC who were forced to flee their homes to escape fighting and are now living in makeshift camps.

Easter prayer

From ours to yours - an Easter Sunday Prayer from Rosamond

People before palm oil

Read how a palm oil plantation impacted a community in Sierra Leone and how our local partners are helping people get back on their feet

Turkey-Syria earthquake - one year on

Stories of support demonstrate compassion and solidarity during times of crisis

Struggles facing families in Gaza

In this blog, Christian Aid’s consultant in Gaza Ahmed Sourani describes the many struggles facing people in Gaza as well as their hopes for an immediate ceasefire and a just, lasting peace.

Christian Aid Ireland reaction to the final agreement at COP 28

COP28 agreement has finally pointed to the elephant in the room and placed a spotlight on fossil fuels

Overcoming drought and flooding in Honduras' 'Dry Corridor'

Read how our local partner is supporting people living in Honduras’ ‘Dry Corridor’ to better protect themselves from extreme weather and diversify their crops to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Bangladesh’s material girls

In one of the poorest and most severely flood-affected areas of Bangladesh, women are embracing new technology to revive ancient art forms, create beautiful beadwork and make colourful clothing.

New Loss & Damage Fund welcomed but still huge work to be done

Christian Aid Ireland welcomes new Loss & Damage Fund but warns still huge work to be done

Supporting a survivor build a new life in Eastern Congo

To kick start this year’s 16 days of activism against gender-based violence, read how sustained support helped a survivor of sexual violence build a new life for herself in DRC.

Diary from a warzone

In this blog, read a firsthand account of what daily life is like in a displacement camp inside Gaza

Voices from Gaza

In this blog, hear directly from Christian Aid’s medical partner in Gaza about the challenges medical workers are facing right now.


Christian Aid Ireland statement on the escalation of violence in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory.

Turkey-Syria earthquake - six months on

Stories of support demonstrate compassion and solidarity during times of crisis